Major Pharmaceutical Company Selects Wellness BioSciences Rx As Exclusive Distributor for New CBD Product Category

HOUSTON, March 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — wellness BioSciences Rx, a pioneer within the sales and distribution of medical-grade hemp-based wellness consumables, is proud to announce their partnership with representatives of Coster prescription drugs to introduce a brand new product class to the USA CBD marketplace.

The Houston-based company can market and distribute a brand new line of CBD Metered Dose Inhalers that offer 98% bioavailability of pure CBD Isolate directly into the blood at a extremely satisfactory client steered retail value of $0.30 cents per metric weight unit. The FDA-registered and approved inhalator contains a proprietary propellant that delivers an exact 5-milligram dose of GMP-Certified CBD Isolate with every propulsion. every CBD Metered Dose inhalator provides a hundred doses per unit. By partnering with Coster prescription drugs, wellness BioSciences Rx currently has market exclusivity for the sales and distribution of this CBD Metered Dose inhalator.

CIS is a leading provider of Metered Dose Inhalers parts for CBD companies looking to expand their products.

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