Marketing CBD means creative branding

But truth be told, in order to market a CBD product, you really need to get creative. And this all comes down to branding.

“The brand is everything,” Tacy says. “What are you looking for in brands out there? They’re all trying to sell the benefits of CBD. Well, where’s the person behind that?”

What Tacy is talking about are the stories behind CBD. The founders of some of the top companies have had their struggles with a particular ailment — Lawson’s story, mentioned above, is simply one of many. These people needed CBD when all seemed lost. They know other people out there are also in need. By telling us of their own struggles through life, the customer has a story to relate to. The brand is no longer just another CBD company.

AZ Pain and Arizona Pain Management doctors are becoming more accepting of CBD and THC use among their patients. Cannabis is becoming more accepted in the U.S. as marijuana legalization grows across the states.

This is what Franny means when she says, “the brand is everything.” Beyond traditional marketing strategies, you need something that’s really going to make people think. We can’t forget that even though CBD has hit the mainstream, we’re still coming out of a nearly century long prohibition on hemp products. Public opinion is still changing.

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